Private Tours! 

The same concept of a 'walking tour', but on your way!

Perfect for:

- who wants a walking tour in a different date and time;
- organized groups by another institution (schools, travel agency), like students, excursions;
- groups with more than 7 people;
Do you want a Private Tour?

Simple and easy!!

step 1
Setting up
the Tour
Send us an email asking for more information about our Private Tours.
on the Green Box (below here)!
After that, by email, our staff will set up all the details of your Private Tour, such as: Date & Time (according to the availability of our tour-guides), Route ("Old Downtown", "Paulista Ave" or "Vila Madalena"), language (English or Portuguese), size of the group, Price, etc.
At least 10 days before
the day of your Private Tour
step 2
the Tour
With all the details defined, to confirm the Date & Time of your Private Tour, it's necessary the Booking Deposit (not refunded), 05 days before the day of the tour.
by Paypal (accept international credit card) or deposit in our Bank Account.
After you pay the Booking Deposit, your Private Tour is totally confirmed! We will send you an email with all the information.
At least 05 days before
the day of your Private Tour
step 3
Having fun
with the Tour
On the scheduled Date&Time of your Private Tour, our tour-guide will be at the Meeting Point (30 minutes before), and will offer an amazing Walking Tour to explore better the city of São Paulo.
The rest of the payment will be paid to our tour-guide, few minutes before the tour starts, only in cash (R$ - reais).
One day after your Private Tour
to send and post the picture!
Interested in Private Tours?!


Please, send us these information!
(step 1) 


And we will answer you with all the details about our Private Tours:


. different routes ("Old Downtown", "Paulista Ave" or "Vila Madalena"),

. language (English or Porutuguese), 

. size of the groups,

. prices and payment form,

. availability of our tour-guides,


and everything else you need...

Name *

Email *

Number of People


Date and Time

Message (route, details)

More information about our Private Tours:
The prices of our Private Tours will be according to the size of the group.
in our regular Free Walking Tours, it's not allowed the participation of 
organized groups (like students, excursions), with more than 7 people - to avoid overbooking.
Mini Group
number of people: 1 - 7
Total Price: R$ 350,00
(1 tour-guide)
Small Group
number of people: 8 - 15
Total Price: R$ 400,00
(1 tour-guide)
Medium Group
number of people: 16 - 30
Total Price: R$ 550,00
(1 tour-guide + 1 assistant)
Big Group
number of people: 31 - 50
Total Price: R$ 700,00
(1 tour-guide + 1 assistant)

- If the Private Tour is canceled by the Organizer during the last 5 days before the day of the tour, the Booking Deposit will not be refunded;

- The Booking Deposit will be refunded only for an extreme reason (strong and long storms, violent protests), or if hypothetically the tour-guide/our company won’t be able to do it;


- our tours happen in any weather (sunny or rainy): in cases of drizzle or rain, plastic raincoats will be given to everyone for free. If the organizer prefers to cancel the tour or finish it earlier, because of drizzle or rain, the payment will be not refunded;

- In case of storms, the Private Tour will be stopped in a covered place (for 20 minutes), until the rain get softer, to keep doing the tour. Or, if the storm keeps strong, the tour will be finished earlier (in a covered and safe place), to preserve the safety of everyone.


> Payments
Booking Deposit (R$150,00): necessary to confirm the scheduled date and time (paid at least 5 days before the day of your Private Tour) - not refunded
by Paypal (for international credit cards) or deposit in our Bank Account
Rest of the Payment: paid on the day of your Private Tour to our staff, few minutes before the tour starts 
by cash (reais - R$) 
Nowadays we have three different routes to discover São Paulo, and you can choose one of them for your Private Tour!
Old Downtown
historic center
Duration: 3h30min. 
(with a 20min. break)
Meeting Point:
República Square,
next to the Tourist
Information Center
(República subway station)
Ending Point:
São Bento Square
(São Bento subway station)
Paulista Ave
cultural heart
Duration: 2h30min. 
(with a 15min. break)
Meeting Point: on the corner of Paulista Ave with Augusta St. (Jardins side),
in front of Banco do Brasil
(Consolação subway station)
Ending Point:
Oswaldo Cruz Square, in front of Pátio Paulista Mall
(two blocks from Brigadeiro subway station)
Vila Madalena
local side
Duration: 3h 
(with a 15min. break)
Meeting Point:
outside of Fradique Coutinho subway station,
on the corner of Pinheiros St. with Fradique Coutinho St.
(Fradique Coutinho subway station)
Ending Point:
Batata Square
(Faria Lima subway station)

- our staff will be at the Meeting Point 30 minutes before the begining of your Private Tour, that can be late at maximum 30 minutes to start. Longer than that will be understood it's canceled.

- the guide will follow the speed and rhythm of each one, but also the duration and the schedule of the Tour. The duration can be only 30min. longer than planned.

- the company SP Free Walking Tour is responsible for the service hired as a “walking tour with a licensed tour-guide”, not being responsible for any remote accident or fall that might happen, being responsibility of each one walking on the street;


- underaged must be accompanied by parents or legal responsible.

- it's not allowed to record and film our tour-guide during their speech, to preserve the image's rights.


- in the Private Tour service, there is no food or drink, sunscreen, cultural book-guides, entrance tickets to attractions or museums included;


- if the Organizer chooses to cancel the Private Tour during the last 5 days before it’s scheduled, the Booking Deposit will not be refunded.

- If wants to change the date and time of the Private Tour, must be at least 5 days before the tour, and we need to check the availability of our tour-guides, to see if it’s possible. Otherwise, the Booking Proceedings will start again from the beginning (and the Booking Deposit will be not refunded if this happens during the 5 days before the Date&Time scheduled for the Private Tour).





our goal is to offer you a great

walking tour with excellence - being a fun,

dynamic, informative and different experience in São Paulo!

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groups with max. 12 people.
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Keep discovering,

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