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Vila Madalena

graffiti & street art

A different walk to show more the local side of São Paulo, through the young and "cool" neighborhood Vila Madalena, with graffities and street arts, and also the gastronomic and bohemian side of the area!

Meeting Point

outside of Fradique Coutinho
subway station


on the corner of
Fradique Coutinho St. and Pinheiros St.


subway station: Fradique Coutinho
(yellow line)

Address for Uber/Taxi:
Rua dos Pinheiros, 660 - Pinheiros,

São Paulo - SP (CEP: 05422-001)



(with a 5min. break)


2.9 km
Pinheiros + Vila Madalena

Ending Point

Batman's Alley

20min. walking to Sumaré

subway station (green line)

Free Walking

Vila Madalena route
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on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays
11h00am (English)
be there 15 minutes before

Free Tours are made for independent travelers only.
For organized groups we offer our Private Tours.

Collaborative Economy concept
who joins the tour gives us voluntary tips as a way to thank for the tour and support the project.


you choose the best day and time for you
Monday to Friday | 9am to 5pm
BRL 114 per person
for groups Up to 3 people
BRL 44 per person
            for groups with
            minimum 8 people

  What to do in Pinheiros and Vila Madalena

>> A nice walk on the streets around our Meeting Point,

to get an idea of the hipster style of Pinheiros neighborhood, mainly Rua dos Pinheiros, with many options of restaurants. One block away, walking through Fradique Coutinho St. you will find the unique Brazilian Handcraft store called Paiol (one of the best options to get souveniers and authentic Brazilian art back home).

>> Paulista Ave tour (on Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays)

After our Vila Madalena tour finished, our guide will go to Sumaré subway station (green line), in a 20min. walk. This station is just two stops from Consolação subway station, where is the Meeting Point of our Paulista Ave Free Walking Tour, that starts at 3h30pm. You can book here!

>> enjoy Batman's Alley: 

the best spot for graffiti in the city - and that's why we finish our tour there: you can keep enjoying the area by your own. Beautiful graffities on the walls, and on weekends there is a open air market going on. 

>> visit the art galleries around: 

You can find amazing Art Galleries around Batman's alley, such as:

A7MA Art Gallery

Alma da Rua Gallery

ZIV Gallery

Urban Arts Gallery

 . after the tour 

 . before the tour 

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