It's a free walking tour around São Paulo, offering a historical, cultural and local overview of the city,

with secrets and hidden stories!

We are the first and the official free walking tour in São Paulo, and we want to offer you the best of this city, through a different, fun and amazing way,
in a 'tips-based only' concept!
The tours are always confirmed, during sunny or rainy days!
Small groups: max. 15 people. (recommended to book online)
Let's discover this city together!
There are  four different tours for you to discover São Paulo:


Through the SP Free Walking Tour you get the best out of São Paulo: 

- history; 
- culture; 
- sight-seeing; 
- location; 
- local places; 
- information; 
- and a lot of fun! 



Old Downtown: shows all the historical and old part of the city, passing through Sé Cathedral, Municipal Theatre, Copan Building, City Hall, Banespa Building, Monastery of São Bento, Law School, Anhangabaú Valley, and much more!

- tour in PORTUGUESE: on Saturdays, at 10h30am

- tours in ENGLISH: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays,

at 11h00am

Meeting Point: República Square, next to the Tourist Information Center (República subway station) - it lasts about 3h30min.

Ponte Metalica.jpg

Ibirapuera Park: shows inside the main and most famous park of the city, passing through the green side and cultural complex, such as the Mam, Oca, AfroBrasil Museum, Bienal, Auditorium, Planetarium, lake, rare giant trees, MAC, and much more!

- tour in PORTUGUESE: on Saturdays, at 3h30pm

- tours in ENGLISH: on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 4h00pm

Meeting Point: in front of AACD-Servidor subway station (lilac line),    

R. Pedro de Toledo, 1569 - it lasts about 2h30min.


Vila Madalena: shows one of the local sides of the city, in a cool, colorful and awesome neighborhood, visiting the famous Batman Alley and other urban art spots, beyond the bohemian scene, and much more!

- tours in PORTUGUESE: on Sundays , at 10h30am

- tours in ENGLISH: on Thursdays and Sundays, at 11h00am

Meeting Point: outside of Fradique Coutinho subway sation (Yellow line), R. dos Pinheiros, 660 - it lasts about 3h.


Paulista Ave: shows all the cultural part of the city, walking through the current main avenue of the city, with the MASP, Trianon Park, TV Gazeta Building, Casa das Rosas Museum,  Japan House museum, and much more! 

- tours in PORTUGUESE: on Sundays, at 3h00pm

- tours in ENGLISH: on Thursdays and Sundays, at 3h30pm

Meeting Point: Paulista Ave X Augusta St. (Jardins), in front of Banco do Brasil (Consolação subway station) - it lasts 2h30min.

Booking is recommended

If you´re SURE

about joining us,

book here in advance!

That helps us to be more organized, and avoid you to sign-up at the Meeting Point, saving you time, and beginning punctual! 


                 - necessary to wear Safe                          Masks to join the tours;


under 18 years old must be accompanied by parents, or a responsible older than 18 years old;


- it's not allowed to record the tour without an authorization, to preserve the image rights of our tour-guide and people from the groups;


- Organized groups by another institution (students, travel agency), or with more than 7 people, are not allowed to participate in our regular Free Walking Tours, to keep the quality and safety of the tour - for that we offer "Private Tours"!


Any doubt!?